About Me. How i became a Painter and Decorator Decorating Suffolk

alexander goldsmith painter and decorator

I paint things, a lot of things, well. I have famous customers, some are highly acclaimed academics, some are city professionals, some city unprofessionals, Architects with grand plans, clothes designers with familiar but slightly different plans.  That old lady in a wolf fleece she's probably also a customer. I have keen DIYers that ask me the pro's and con's of medium vs short pile rollers. I have Mo around the corner that makes great tea. The pig farming customers who give me a bonus (it came frozen), I have that customer who books me in for 5 days every 12months. I have that lady customer who got confused and asked me if I could pick up the Durex paint for the bathroom wall. I have that indecisive customer that asks me to paint one wall but then realises that the other 3 now look old and in need of painting. Have I got the time?

I have customers that i never meet face to face. I have customers who prefer to talk face to face. I have lonely customers that insist on me sitting down for a chat during lunchtime so to quiz me on my opinion of that new woman on Countdown. I have that councillor who called me back to touch in a 'shiny mark on the wall' which turned out to be the reflection of the chrome towel rail on the wall next to it. I work for businesses on the high street, some on the back street, some i paint in the evenings, some at weekends. I have village halls with committees of 20 with 20 paint colour ideas. I have council's that take 6months to get back to me. I have first time buyers, i have last time buyers, i have multiple buyers and i have never again renters.

Whoever they are I look after my customers in terms of cost and reliability and it appears they look after me too.

Areas i cover: Decorating Lowestoft Southwold Gorleston-on-Sea Hopton Beccles Caister Carlton Colville Wrentham Pakefield Reydon Barnby North Cove Haleswoth Holton Kessingland Great Yarmouth Norwich

Grandad - John Barber

John Baraber Southwold Painter and decorator

One of my greatest influences, my Grandad, had his decorating business in the 70’s working out of Southwold

All work & no play

Alexander Goldsmith

I am the music man and i come from down your way what do i play? Good question, but it will take a minute to explain!